The most beautiful things in life are mostly intangible, hard to get and to preserve, just like Happiness that fills us in a surprising and spontaneous way. You can’t physically grab it, but once you felt it you can’t forget how it feels and you will do the impossible to hold it within you forever.

Pensieri Felici are precious jewels but also refined symbols of our feelings, to give to ourselves or to be given as a promise of timeless joy.

Our jewels come with a sophisticated packaging that also includes a 'contract' to be sealed with ourselves or with the people we love, in order to remind us every day to never give up the search for Happiness.

Pensieri Felici will help us to remember that although it’s not always easy, we hold everything we need in our heart to find and spread around that precious thing that we all call Happiness.


Promise to be happy. Breathe. Do it slowly, do not rush.

Take your time. Listen to the world, feel what surrounds you. Separate unnecessary things from all the beautiful and essential things you know. Feel your own breathe.

Relive the feeling that pervades you as you go back in an instant to remember your lover’s face, that splendid view, that soul-warming sun, those friendly faces, those sincere heart-warming laughter... Remember what Epicurus use to say “No one is ever too young or too old to reach one’s soul’s healthy”, and if you think about it there is nothing more true. Over time, however, we grant less and less space to ourselves, to the people we love and to take care of the most important thing: to achieve Happiness.
Happiness is everything. It lasts just one moment but it stays with us forever.

It’s friendship, it’s love, it originates from taste, from touch, from beloved scents, from familiar voices and sounds, from seeing places and people that are part of our memory.

Often are the simplest things that fill us with a unique, unexpected joyfulness. We must always be able to capture that moment and savor it in all its beauty.
Always allow Happiness to find its way into your heart. Let it warm you, lull you in its arms, lift you off the ground to ensure nothing will keep you from being sincerely and absolutely full of joy. Whenever that happens, treasure a bit of that time inside you, guard it with care, so that even in the midst of life’s chaos, you can always recall that wonderful moment.

And I will always be there by your side. I will always be your…Pensiero Felice (Happy Thought).



How many presents we have given. But love presents are different, they must be unique, they need to give us something more or to talk for us: authentic objects, created to last in time and made with a great attention for details. Exactly like the exclusive Made in Italy you will find in Pensieri Felici: pendants, bracelets and earring totally thought, realized and packaged in Italy. Design, production, packaging.. All the handcrafting and the taste for beautiful things that let us be famous worldwide.

Pensieri Felici collection is composed by wonderful jewels realized in sterling silver and 18kt gold, with unique workmanship, stones, pearls and calf leather that you can buy in your closest shop. There you will be able to touch and feel the beautiful and original packaging that encloses the jewel and that is an important part of the present you are about to make to you or to others.

Choose your jewel in this section, or let you be carried and search happiness directly I one of the jewelries, watch shops or artistic handcrafting shops in your city.

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The founders of our Pensieri Felici collection : all the pendants of our new collection have outstanding finishes and are composed of high quality materials.

Chains made of 925 silver, Venice chain, with a unique brilliance and an out of the ordinary lightness, on which glides smoothly and naturally our Pensieri Felici: objects made by the process of lost wax casting , totally handcrafted in our Italian factories, all made of 925 sterling silver, 18k gold, further enhanced by magnificent natural stones, freshwater pearls and high heat resistance enamel.

All our products have always an accurate rhodium plating, designed to preserve the beauty of your jewels.

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Our classic Pensieri Felici are available in two different forms for two objects of great effect . Unique couples, that dangle from two small silver balls, placed on your lobes. The small silver chain that binds them to the charms, their figures and all the rest of the product are as always made ​​in a completely handcrafted in 925 sterling silver, with a Venice chain and with the usual rhodium plating , which protects its beauty and integrity.

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One intent , but two proposals very different between them.

You can choose to indulge in the simple and timeless beauty of the skin, or whether to prefer the silver braid , a realization that finds its origin in time , reaching the oldest among jewelry.

The skin we have chosen is a totally Italian nappa leather , available in many colors, which you can combine with two totally different figures in 925 silver, with a passing ring, also in silver, finished with a Pensieri Felici built in laser engraving.

The silver braid instead is coupled to two pendants that feature both three Pensieri Felici that go hand in hand , and that incorporate a Brazilian ” rosecut ” amethyst or a freshwater pearl. Here, of course, we find only 925 silver too.

All metal components are as always protected by rhodium plating.

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  • Maintenance

    Useful tips for the cleaning and care of jewels

    The jewels PENSIERI FELICI (HAPPY THOUGHTS) are made of silver 925/1000, generally referred to as Sterling silver. Appropriate and regular care may extend your jewel’s durability in time.

    To enjoy beautiful and precious jewels for a long time, you need to follow a few basic rules. In general, it is advised to keep your silver jewels away from cleansers, perfumes, creams, chlorine and sulphurous water to avoid oxidation. We therefore advise you to apply perfumes, hairspray or other cosmetics before wearing the jewels. Even sweat, according to one person’s skin Ph, may accelerate the oxidation process.

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